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Transport in Japan. Part 1: The Kei car, Past and present. (4.08.2016)

Breaking Chronology; A Quick Update Of Me and My Life. (24.07.2016)

A Trip To Kamakura (14.05.16)

Part 2, Tokyo-Edo Open Air Museum. (8.05.16)

Tokyo Edo open air museum. (30.4.2016)

The long awaited (or perhaps just overdue) next post!!!! (22.4.2016)

A sunny day in Koishikawa-korakuen (14.4.2016)

Days 5 and 6. Two nights of illuminations. (8.4.2016)

Day 4. Shinjuku-Gyoen. (5.4.2016)

Days 2 and 3. (3.4.2016)

IM HERE! (30.3.2016)

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