Breaking Chronology; A Quick Update Of Me and My Life.

Hi all, It’s been AGES since the last post, mostly due to my attempts to learn the lingo, as well as my general laziness and incompetence. I plan on being more frequent with my updates in the coming weeks, partly by actually doing some, and partly by keeping them smaller and more manageable than the past ones have been.

With that in mind, this post will be a quick update of my current circumstances, after which i will get back to posting about things i did WAYYYYY back when the past was still the present.

After which the blog will go back to the past! It’s a strong independent time traveler that don’t need no car.

First of all, I am no longer an inhabitant of the worlds largest metropolis. Its hard to believe, but I have already lived in Tokyo for 3 months, the longest period my visa permits me to stay in any one locality. I plan to write a more lengthy post in the coming weeks about my general feelings on city of Tokyo, as well as the impressions life there has left me with, but this can wait until after i cover all the major happenings of my time there. For now I will simply say that Tokyo, like most of Japan, is completely different from the international persona created for it by the international community. Its not the ultra-modern metropolis projected on silver screens the world over, nor is it the congested mess that one might envision when told it harbours more than half the population of Australia in an area the size of Perth. In a single word, Tokyo is comfortable. Its not a city from the future nor is it particularly beautiful. However it is a calm, convenient, efficient and over all enjoyable place to live and I encourage anyone with half a chance to explore the city further than one is able to on a short holiday stop over. If you are anything like me, you will be surprised and delighted as you unwrap this quietly magnificent city that.

Tokyo by night. Quiet, comfortable and pretty.



So, the question you must be asking (unless you don’t love me, in which case you wouldn’t ask nor care) is that if I’m not in the King Kong of megalopoli anymore then where exactly am I? Well, I will give you a hint, by way of photo.


So, as you can see I have moved to a place where the prevailing colour is EYE SCORCHINGLY INTENSE GREEN, intersected by the occasional road. More specifically, I have moved near Hakuba, in Nagano prefecture. I don’t expect you to know where that is, so have a convenient link to a map which should give you a rough idea where I currently am.

Click me for a map yo!

I wont give you my exact location in case one of you decides to come and murder me in my sleep…. and also because I am staying in a house which is not my own. Many thanks to the owners for being kind enough to let me stay in this beautiful area, who shall remain anonymous unless they read this and tell me its OK to divulge more information on said residence. I guess this is a good way to see if you read these posts my dear mystery people! What I CAN give the rest of you though, are a few photos i took around my general location over the past 3 days. It is a truly magical little spot.

Not where i live. But i wish it was.
A local Shinto Shrine. I dont know what its for but when i do some research and find out, i shall inform you as if i know what i’m talking about.
The local area has a plethora of small walking tracks, most have signs warning you to not get eaten by bears…. if that happens, at least i got eaten in a nice place!
you may have noticed by now, but i like the colour of chlorophyll in this country.
There is the fast road, but I prefer the little one I’m standing on.
The area is full of waterways like this. Many flow into rice fields owned by locals before continuing on their way down hill. Even during the dry months they flow thanks to the snow thawing on the highest peaks.
“Kei” utility vehicles like this are wildly popular up here. When I told a local i was looking to buy a car, i was asked if i was after either a use or a van, as if no other vehicle type existed.
4-5 months ago this would have all been frozen and dead. Now, there is so much life half the greenery jumps away as you walk past. Simply a stupendous amount of insect life.
Small scale farming seems to be the occupation of choice for many up here. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of automation and most days you see owners out manually pulling or buzz cutting weeds.
a local hotel. A lot of the buildings up here take their designs from Europe and the Americas.

All of these were taken within walking distance of my new place of residence. In the next few weeks i should be getting a little Japanese domestic market car of my very own (a long term dream), at which point I plan to go on many grand adventures around the countryside, visiting places inaccessible  by rail and thus 99% of tourists. Until then though, I think the local area will keep me busy enough.

Hakuba is famous for its Ski fields and related infrastructure. The area hosted parts of the 1998 winter Olympics, and is popular with local and international winter sportsters alike. As someone who has never seen real snow (half melted sludge not withstanding) the idea of being here in winter certainly appeals. I find it hard to believe though that i would find it as spectacularly beautiful as the summer

Thats it for now. Hopefully you will hear from me again in the near future.